Date for diary - Not FOTB

The summer weekend gathering at Mallory in 2023 is scheduled for 14,15,16th July.
This is not named as the VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes; instead it is the Mallory Bike Bonanza, which does not quite have the same ring to it.
Track time form is here:
Format is identical to previous FOTBs - although I hope organisation is better - and I have applied for a BFF stand in the club section.
Too early of course to confirm your attendance (or mine for that matter); but it does give us a target. 10 bikes and 10 weekend tickets are the standard stand allowance.

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Thanks Graham I always seem to find out about an event, after it has gone, so thankyou. All the best everybody. Yours Dave

VMCC says no...

My current VMCC magazine says they've cancelled this years Mallory event. Not sure is this is the same gig.

VMCC in death throes.

The event is similar to the festival of 1,000 bikes, but organised by Mallory Park, and called the Mallory Bike Bonanza. The VMCC are unable to organise anything these days, since they have got rid of nearly all the staff at HQ who used to organise these events. They are trying to save money, but still haemorraging vast sums of money. The annual membership fee has rocketed by about 40% so many members are not renewing - me included. Mallory Park organised this event a few years ago, and it seemed fine. Last year was less than successful as it was a joint effort between the VMCC and Mallory Park. Both thought the other was organising things, which ended up as a bit chaotic. Our own Graham Robb attempted to set up a traffic exit system which did not go through the middle of the club stands, with limited success!

traffic exit system

This is true. The Robb exit system did work in the end, but took a bit of work before the dust storms of the passing vehicles were tamed. Cough cough. Thanks to the cleaning ladies who supplied the cones !

Club Stand

I now have my two volunteers to help with setting up the stand, and helping with the cooking. So, the set up should be as per last year, although I would hope to be amongst the club stands, rather than in the car park where we were last year!