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homemade FF bike

I made this bike a few years ago. Hope you like it.

Monoliner at MIRA,, short compilation

Here's a short video that Paul Oesten-Creasey put together, showing, not too much. of Monoliner performing at Mira. Looks like cooling shouldn't be a problem...

To see the full picture get on to project leader Colin Russell and offer to sponsor the race project!

And here's somewone else who has....

Seat base below 20", seat back (just) electric drive. What more could you ask for? Apart from leg and weather protection, the rest of the seatback, proper steering and decent range - but as thousands of people buy motorcycles without any of those features this may be the best you can expect in 2015!

If FFs didn't exist, someone would invent them...

Ok, ok, no seat back/s but it looks really stable - and should be faster than a stock Vespa

Typus is running...

Sorry this event take place in France so people are speaking french...

Typus in the rain

British State declines to Pick Winner! Shock

Yeah, right.

In the course of building Monoliner Colin Russell encountered the "Niche Vehicle Network", a branch of the Technology Support Board. This is a British State body tasked with promoting "Disruptive, low Carbon vehicle technology" that will reduce energy use and provide opportunities for British innovation and industry. Promotion, with money - around £1.4billion.

Well, Hello.

Cmax, lost in Bristol

It's not a car, let alone an electric car (looking forward to BMW new E-car appearing on this site any moment) but here's some footage of the 2010 Cmax on it's recent visit to Bristol. This was a major editing job - 75% of the original footage showed it stopped at traffic lights, Bristol Councils "Stop all Traffic" policy starting to "work" here. Visitors to Grat. Rd. may also note the new route needed, but it's the second left turn, not the first. The Genius responsible is one Mark Bradshaw, if he ever gets to be minister of transport you'll need a skateboard.

Everybodies doing it!

Are you building a full-on FF racer? Why not? everybody else seems to be!

FJ goes home

Another video from FJ's head fairing. selected clips from the trip home from John Bruce's gathering

Voyagers in the rain

Some video shot from FJ, compiled by Ian Kew, during a trip to bewilder the Bristol branch of the institute of Advanced Motorcyclists - who turned up in cars...

Here are some guys who need motors!

Interesting look at ultra-lightweight FF performance, and novel engineering solutions.

Gyro-balanced FF

Here are some ambituous claims, based on believable performance and weight figures. Vapourware?

Demonstration of the Cmax seat back transport

The 2010 Cmax seat back transport being moved from solo to passenger positions and back, shot during construction.

What's it like to be a passenger?

A short video shot from the back seat of FJ during a trip to the local airport

What's it like to drive, out of town?

FJ goes to work, using a variety of local roads

What's it like to drive - on ice?

A Voyager moment on late January roads

What's it like to drive?

Some routine camera-on-FF footage of urban usage in Bristol.

Craig Vetter's latest economy run report

Some interesting results from this competition for lightweight streamliners that may over-excite diesel enthusiasts.

2010 Cmax, early drive by and park

2010 Cmax motors back to the new garage. No electric drive, no outriggers or full enclosure, just a simple FF.

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