electric FF 2nd and 3rd outing

High everybody
Just posted on utube a few more vids re electric FF. Its hard to show from vid, but the hardstanding/ground at the front of my workshop, is atrocious, and I was trying to show how landing gear, is able to traverse over very rough ground, whilst also shaking the steering, and balancing on 3 wheels. Its far from perfect yet, and one setting had it lay on its side, but the outrigger system I built although not completely doing its job as I would wish, has enabled me to gather enough info, to no longer require to continue with the mule, and I feel the design changes I will make to the mark2, will sort out my current misgivings. That said, as all the drivetrain is working as designed, it seems a shame to just scrap it off, as it will now be a simple matter to cut and chop again, to produce a shorter lighter conventional FF mule in the shortest time possible. I had hoped with my enthusiasm, and also offering my 1st off at less than cost, would have dragged somebody along on my adventure, but up to now, that has not been the case, and with the ability to drop out at any time and only forfeit £500, I thought that was a very reasonable offer. The last few weeks, have seen a monumental shift in our outlook, and I for one am very saddened by the situation, but I can now only see this project go forward on a business footing, and I can no longer offer any discount incentive on any sale, and it will have to stand on its merits, it was only a dream, but with the current situation outside, it makes me feel very sad, and a bit trite, carrying on with the project at this time, but hope for an improvement shortly for all. Cant link but putting electric FF 2nd outing and electric FF 3rd outing in utube they came up. Keep well Yours Dave

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The YouTube links!

Dave, why do you say 'can't link'?! All you needed to do was copy these links from YouTube and paste them here as I have now done!
This is the link for the 2nd outing:
And this is the link to the 3rd outing:

Also, for future reference, your videos did NOT come up when I just put in what you said! I had to add "David Arthur" in order to find them!
Also, it's *YouTube* not 'utube'. FFS!